Apple World Today relies heavily on the support of its readers to continue operation. Last year, we created a group called Team AWT in hopes that we could expand that support and provide those supporters with exclusive content. Well, we're just two guys with a website and we frankly couldn't keep up with the custom content, but we STILL need your support to keep publishing into the future. 

What do you get out of being a member of Team AWT? The good feeling that comes from helping keep two veteran Apple bloggers doing what they enjoy the most -- bringing you news and reviews each and every day. You'll receive a little recognition in the form of having your name on our Heroes List

With your Team AWT membership, you're also invited to the private Team AWT Community Forum to take part in discussions and get content that you won't find on Apple World Today. It's a discussion forum that we've just set up, and we'd love to have it grow into a vibrant and useful community of dedicated Apple fans.

Signing up is easy. You can either pay for a full year of Team AWT at $5 per month through Apple Pay, or make a lesser monthly donation through Patreon. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give you guys $5 or more per month?

We're a small Apple website, and frankly, we don't make much money at all running the site. A lot of the features we provide with the site cost us money, and the ads we run on AWT basically just cover expenses. Joining Team AWT shows that you value Apple World Today and that you're willing to help us by letting two veteran bloggers keep doing what they love!

Can I give you less than $5 per month?

Absolutely, as every penny helps. We hope that the Team AWT Community Forum will provide you with enough extra content that's not on the main website that you'll find that a Team AWT membership at any amount is worthwhile. 

Why Team AWT — aren’t you guys rich yet?

Nope. In fact, our Patreon monthly “take” has been declining at a rate that may make continued operations unsustainable in the future. We are adding other revenue sources, but we rely on subscribers to keep the site solvent. Many other well-known sites are moving to subscription-based content as well. 

Can I use PayPal to pay for a Team AWT subscription? 

Yes, you can. Our primary payment system, Stripe, allows Team AWT members to pay using Apple Pay, PayPal, or even regular old credit and debit cards.