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Team AWT Subscription


Join Team AWT for just $60 per year, and use Apple Pay, Credit/Debit Cards or PayPal to pay for it. 

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For the first year of Apple World Today's existence, we've had a patron program and primarily depended on the kindness of readers who wanted the site to survive. We're now expanding this into a subscription program called Team AWT providing extra exclusive features to subscribers who support the site at $5 or more a month.

Team AWT membership consists of:

  • Member-only discounts and giveaways
  • Exclusive access to the Team AWT Slack chatroom
  • Access to the weekly Patron Podcast
  • A regularly-emailed newsletter with fresh and fun content not available elsewhere
  • More goodies as we add them to the program

Plus, you get to be part of the team that makes Apple World Today possible: Team AWT!

You can pay for Team AWT through Apple Pay using Safari on your Mac (macOS Sierra or newer), iPhone or iPad (iOS 10 or newer).
Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal are also accepted.

Here are the details of your Team AWT subscription:

Member-only discounts and giveaways

We are working with businesses in the world of Apple to bring Team AWT members special discounts and to supply valuable items for giveaways. You'll find out about the deals and giveaways in our newsletter.

Team AWT Slack Chatroom

Our former "AWT Patron" Slack chatroom is now the Team AWT chatroom. Join in public or private conversations about the news of the day, ask questions and get answers. Membership has its privileges!

Team AWT Newsletter

Members in good standing receive an email newsletter. What do we plan on including in it? Items you won't see on Apple World Today every other day:

  • Behind the scenes: Interviews with developers, manufacturers, writers and podcasters from around the world of Apple.
  • Ask AWT: Give us your questions, we'll try to get you an answer. Your questions don't even have to have anything to do with Apple!
  • Tip of the week: Our members deserve to be more productive, so each week the newsletter will have a tip or trick that's sure to add some time to your busy day.
  • The Best: Our weekly take on one app or service that everyone should have.
  • Unplug: Step away from your Mac, put down the iPhone, and reconnect. We'll give you ideas of things to do that don't require electricity or an Internet connection.
  • Around the Web: There's a lot more to technology than just Apple devices, so each week we'll supply you with links and summaries of what we've found that's fascinating us.
  • and more...

Check out the first issue of the Team AWT Newsletter here

AWT Patron Podcast

The AWT Patron Podcast is a weekly 30-minute (plus or minus a few minutes) audio podcast in which editors Steve Sande and Dennis Sellers -- and the occasional guest -- do an unrehearsed, off-the-cuff chat about a specific topic. It's always a fun time and it's just for you. Listen to a sample below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why $5 or more per month?

We feel that the special content we're providing is worth at least that much. Other sites are also running subscription plans at this monthly rate but don't provide nearly the same level of content and extras as AWT. Five bucks is less than a Big Mac meal at McDonalds ($5.99 plus tax) and AWT is less fattening!