A hero is defined as "a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities". All the readers who help keep Apple World Today running through your generous support of Team AWT are our heroes. We admire you for having the courage to stick with us since 2015, for having helped us keep the site afloat through your support, and for being faithful companions through the years.

Our two-person staff simply can't do all of the work it would require to create content especially for our supporters; we tried, and frankly we failed. As a small "Thank You!" to our supporters, we have created this Heroes wall to list the names of all of those who are helping Apple World Today survive. Thanks to you, we're still able to provide you with the content you want each and every day.

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Adam Stein

Andy Baird

Harry Dennery

Frederick Ruegsegger

Lucas Bowers

Alejandro Lozada

Charles Akimoto

Damon Uyeda

Marcy Longfellow

Lee Demon

David Yule

Stephen Fink

Mikel Potts

Ben Roethig

Karin Lord

John Coyne

Paul Gans


Sean Conley

Tom Lisciandra

Paul Weir

Ben Bond-Lamberty

Evgeny Kotlyar

Kyle Sweeney

Adrian Rudman

Noel Saw

John Naulty

Dan Callahan

Scottie Wylie

Dave Marshall

Gary Myers

Richard Morse

Fabian Wenk


Eric Weber

Jon Thompson

Craig Miller

Steffan Andrews

Frank Fountain

Michael Kelly

Ralf Schuchardt

Richard Lenon

Theodore Ellis

Lisa Shiroma

Miguel Chavez


Derek Scott

Johannes Rüster

William Parnes

James Bucanek

Adam Krauszer



John Reynolds

Guillaume Laurent

Dave Wilson

Colman Reilly

Daren Wang

Doc Rock

Alison Bransfield

Brian Rice

Ben Medina


Eric Sturtz

Gordon Rayfield

Andreas Auwaerter

Lee McCartney

Fred Arneman

Jeffrey Carr

Mark Ross

Frank Ferguson

Johannes Wiedmann 

Ajesh Bhargava 

Steve Geniec

Hans Johansson

Ed McKell

Seth Alberts

Andrea Suhaka

Garry Winer

Darrell Calvert

Pat Lyons

John Adams

Michael Duffy

Alan Koenigsberg


Roger Reini

Fred Chumbler

Martin Begien

Mike Sellers

Paul Lagasse

Bruce Schmoetzer

Damien LeVeck

Michael Hannemann

Julius Mapalad

Jack Land


Debi Myers


Ari Weinstein

Cecil Habermacher

Michael D. Johas Teener

Jeff Pedersen

Tom Lane

Brian Wolven

Jason Stonehouse

Kevin King

Dean Baird

Max Engel

Scott Ludtke

Richard Woodruff

Ken Magnuson

Scott Nickels

Rob Staenke

Paul Detzler

Mark Alexander

James Dashe

Katie Sellers

Mike Malone


John Goodwin

Eric Celeste

Marius Stedjan

Tom Nowicki

Matt Cooney

Ryan Compton

Jonathan Forsyth

Michael Kitchen

William Tanner

William Waggoner

Julie Bou

Darren Moser

Mr. Liggins

Stephen Alison

Ian Mead

Douglas Fields

Michael Pariseau

David Levy

Amanda Bumgardner


Scott Crick

Don Hoffman

Brenna C

Rajiv Shah

Sameer Bakhda

Jools Searle 

David Nielsen

Jeff Pechmann

Tim Marlow

Jay Fishman

Brian Erdelyi