Apple World Today relies heavily on the support of its readers to continue operation. A few years ago, we created a group called Team AWT in hopes that we could expand that support and provide those supporters with exclusive content. Well, we're just two guys with a website and we frankly couldn't keep up with the custom content, but we STILL need your support to keep publishing into the future. That’s why we are asking for donations.

What do you get out of donating to the operation of Apple World Today? The good feeling that comes from helping keep two veteran Apple bloggers doing what they enjoy the most -- bringing you news and reviews each and every day. You'll receive a little recognition in the form of having your name on our Heroes List

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give you guys $10 or more as a one-time donation?

We're a small Apple website, and frankly, we don't make much money at all running the site. Our readership isn’t as big as some of the major Apple sites, so our ads don’t generate a lot of revenue. We’re a couple of guys who just like to write about Apple, and we’d like to make some retirement income in the process.

Can I use PayPal to pay for a donation or subscription? 

Yes, you can. Our secure payment system, Stripe, allows contributors to pay using Apple Pay, PayPal, or even regular old credit and debit cards. 

Why aren’t you letting us use Patreon?

Patreon provided a way to do monthly donations, but they also take a large chunk of the amount we made. It got to the point that we weren’t making enough to really push that option. Existing Patreon patrons can continue to donate through that service.