AirSnap Twill keeps your AirPods protected — and look good while doing it

About a year ago, my Apple World Today compadre, Steve Sande, reviewed Twelve South’s AirSnap AirPod case. Now the company has released a new version — the AirSnap Twill —  and, having received an advance copy, I can attest that it’s just as great as the original. 

Here’s Steve’s description of the AirSnap: “The design of AirSnap is simple; it's a well-made leather case that the AirPod charger fits into, with a gap in the bottom for charging and a snap closure to keep the charger from falling out. The real genius of the design is the small metal carabiner-type clip (spring-loaded) on top. Take that and snap it to a strap or onto a similar carabiner inside a backpack, and your AirPods will never get lost again. The carabiner swivels so the case doesn't get tangled up.”

AirSnap Twill .png

All of this is still true, but now Twelve South has given us the AirSnap Twill. Like the original, it’s tailored to fit your AirPods like a glove, offering easy access to your ear buds and wireless charging. However, instead of leather, it’s woven in premium textile to protect your AirPods against dings and scratches, and comes in “smoke gray” and “fog gray.” (The first AirPod Snap was available in dark teal, black, and tan.)

The incorporated clip keeps the AirSnap Twill attached to your backpack or bag, and your AirPods close at hand. The cloth-weave cover also has a metal snap to keep the case closed for added protection.

Since Apple’s latest AirPods support wireless charging, the AirSnap Twill is ready. When your battery is low, you can charge your Apple earbuds with their Lightning cable or place the case on your Qi charger (when used with the Wireless Charging Case) without removing the AirSnap. Plus, the front cutout makes it easy to see the status of your AirPods Charging Case.

The AirPods Snap is just as good, if not better, than the original. At $35 it may seem like a luxury item, but, as Steve noted last year, if the AirSnap can keep you from losing or damaging your $160 AirPods, it’s worth the price. It’s available at .