Apple suspends Siri response grading program

As noted by TechCrunch, In response to concerns raised by a Guardian story last week over how recordings of Siri queries are used for quality control, Apple is suspending the program.

Siri big.png

The tech giant says it will review the process that it uses, called “grading,” to determine whether Siri is hearing queries correctly, or being invoked by mistake. Apple says it will also issue a software update in the future that will let Siri users choose whether they participate in the grading process or not. 

The Guardian report claims Apple contractors regularly hear confidential medical information, drug deals, and recordings of couples having sex, as part of their job providing quality control, or grading, Siri. The article adds that, although Apple doesn’t explicitly disclose it in its consumer-facing privacy documentation, “a small proportion of Siri recordings are passed on to contractors working for the company around the world.”