World Travelers Can Keep Devices Charged Anywhere With The GOSPACE SuperCharger


If you travel the world, you know what a hassle it can be to make sure that you have the correct plug adapter for the country you’re visiting. The GOSPACE SuperCharger can take away that worry by giving you access to different plug adapters, USB-A, USB-C and Qi wireless charging, even when there’s no plug nearby. We have the GOSPACE SuperCharger on sale at 54% off the regular price for just $44.99.

Capable of charging up to 4 different devices at the same time, the GOSPACE SuperCharger is the perfect way to keep your tech essentials energized throughout the day. This compact charger sports two USB ports, one USB-C port, and a Qi wireless charging pad, giving you ultimate charging flexibility on the go. You can power up your devices at rapid speeds via the fast charging USB-C port, and thanks to the interchangeable wall plugs, the SuperCharger is a great travel companion too, with EU, UK, and AU-style sockets included.

  • Easily recharge up to 4 devices on the go

  • Choose between 4 different charging methods

  • Energize your devices faster via the fast charging USB-C port

  • Power up without the hassle of wires via the Qi wireless pad

  • Keep your devices powered up for longer thanks to an impressive 10,000 mAh battery

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