Quiet down those barking dogs with the Kensington SoleMate Comfort Footrest

I’m a runner. After I do the morning update for Apple World Today, I log 6-7 miles, shower, fix coffee, and get back to work. With that mileage, and my flat feet, my dogs are often barking while I do the news, reviews, and opinion pieces.

Enter the Kensington SoleMate Comfort Footrest with SmartFit System — available for $40 at Amazon — which provides my big ol’ clodhoppers some relief.

Kensington Foot Rest.png

You can measure, adjust and fit your own feet by using Kensington's patented SmartFit System. It allows you to customize your foot rest using a color-coded personal comfort system.

The memory foam is designed to sooth tired feet and eliminates pressure points. I’m not sure about the pressure points, but it does some comfort to my feet. One really nice feature: the SoleMate sports a foot-operated pedal that allows you to adjust the tilt angle from 3.5 inches to five inches.

If you’re not a runner and/or if your feet never ache, the SoleMate isn’t for you. But if, like me, your dogs do bark, the Kensington footrest will help quiet ‘em down.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★