Are You A Big Gmail User? You'll Love Darwin Mail!


Use Gmail? A lot? You’ll love today’s deal in the Apple World Today Deals Shop, because we’ve got a deal on both a 1-year subscription to Darwin Mail Pro Lite ($9.99) and a Lifetime Subscription ($29.99). Darwin Mail is a browser-based service that supercharges Gmail, and do things that Gmail (and Apple Mail) can’t do.


Enhance Gmail and get your Google Inbox features back with DarwinMail. This secure inbox tool aims to help you to be more productive when dealing with emails and to-dos. You can organize and sort your inbox by category, sender, or subject with DarwinMail's bundling feature. It also has a Reminders feature which you can jot down your tasks so you don't forget about them. Plus, the Snoozing tool allows you to snooze emails and take care of them on your own time. And, you'll never have to worry about shooting an apology email for sending a wrong email with DarwinMail's Undo Send feature. Simply put, Darwin Mail is the smarter way to use Gmail.

  • Categorize your inbox by sender, subject, or date w/ the Bundle feature

  • Snooze your emails & take care of them later

  • Jot down your reminders so you don't forget about them

  • Pin, star, mark, or delete emails in bulk

  • Take back certain email contents w/ the Undo Send feature

  • Navigate your inbox w/ Dark Mode

  • Choose a custom Unsplash HD background to be displayed behind your emails

  • Create multiple email templates for product launch, feedback, promotion, & more and use them in your future emails to save time

Like most of our deals, this one won’t last forever. If Gmail is your primary email account, you owe it to yourself to give DarwinMail a try.