Get Luminar 3 and Learn How To Use It Like A Pro


When I shoot photos with my Canon mirrorless camera that look great, but just need a little tweaking to become AWESOME, I use Luminar 3. Skylum’s amazing app has changed the way that professional and amateur photographers edit their photos, and today you can get Luminar 3 for Mac and Windows as well as access to Richard Harrington’s “Deep Dive to Luminar 3” online course — all for just $49.

  • Make dozens of adjustments using a single slider

  • Easily browse & sort through images in Luminar 3's library

  • Use Accent AI to automatically adjust color, details, tone & depth

  • Automatically detect & improve the sky in your images w/ the AI sky enhancer

  • Use the foliage enhancer to automatically make greener more vivid & natural

  • Choose from over 70 different looks & 50 filters to apply to your photos


Luminar 3 is pretty easy to use, but if you want to achieve astounding results with the app, you’ll want to learn more about it. That’s where “Deep Dive to Luminar 3” comes in handy. This course:

  • Explore what exactly Luminar 3 is & what it can do

  • Learn about loading images into Luminar 3 & organizing them

  • Walk through developing images & enhancing your images w/ filters and looks

  • Learn how to remove blemishes w/ the eraser & clone and stamp tools

This deal won’t last forever, so get the app and the class now while you can. (This deal may not be available after 8/16/19).