Weekend rumors: iPad Pros with new cameras! iPhone Pros!

The weekend is off to an interesting start with some intriguing Apple rumors. First up: Twitter user “CoinX,” who has a short but accurate track record in prognostications, says we can expect an “iPhone Pro” this year.

The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) says that sorta makes sense. Apparently, the designation would only apply to one model of the iPhone, the highest end model. And the “Pro” designation would let you know immediately that this baby is gonna cost you.

Image courtesy of “Forbes.”

Image courtesy of “Forbes.”

The second rumor comes from Mac Otakara — translation courtesy of AppleInsider — says Apple will new new iPad Pros and iPads in October, both of which will move from single-lens rear cameras to multi-sensor arrays. The next gen iPad Pro will purportedly back a a triple-lens camera array, while a 10.2-inch entry-level iPad might benefit from a dual-sensor solution similar to iPhone XS. 

I think there’s a 75% chance the rumor is true. However, I expect new iPad Pros to debut in September, not October.