Waterproof AirPods predicted to arrive before the holidays

In a note to clients — as shared by Philip Elmer-DeWitt — Webush analyst Daniel Ives (no kin to Jony) says Apple will release third generation AirPods before the year’s end that are waterproof.

“We are expecting AirPods new version 3 to be launched towards year-end ahead of holiday season with these AirPods expected to have some design enhancements and will be waterproof with higher price points,” he writes. 

AirPods big.png

The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) thinks Ives is on point with his prediction. AirPods are some of Apple’s best selling products, so updates that will maintain or increase sales are a natural move. But I have to wonder, “will they float out of your ears when you’re swimming?"

By the way, Wedbush Securities is a privately held financial services and investment firm. based in Los Angeles.