Review: PHOOZY Thermal Capsule for iPad and MacBook offers excellent protection


The Apple World Today staff gets so many PR blasts about new cases, sleeves and bags for iPad and MacBooks that it takes something really different to get our attention. That was the case with the PHOOZY Thermal Capsule for iPad and MacBook, a spacesuit-inspired laptop and tablet sleeve that offers some of the best protection I’ve encountered in years of writing reviews. Available in an iPad-only version for up to 11-inch iPads ($59.99) and a MacBook/iPad Pro version for up to 13-inch devices ($69.99), the PHOOZY Thermal Capsule is unique in the level of protection it provides.


The 13-inch iPad/MacBook review unit I tested really reminds me of the spacesuits used during the Mercury program, featuring a shiny Iridium Silver outer layer. PHOOZY also offers three other finishes, including a shiny Iridium Gold, Cosmic Black, and the ever-popular Realtree Timber camouflage. The finish is only on one side of the capsule — the other side is the same for all finishes, with a black laser-cut connection panel that provides a way to attach other PHOOZY gear or any MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Loadbearing Equipment) accessories. A comfortable padded adjustable shoulder strap makes hands-free carry possible

Enough about the exterior design, because it’s the interior design of the PHOOZY Thermal Capsule that makes it different. PHOOZY’s designers were inspired by the multi-layer design of spacesuits, in fact creating what they call the Chromium Thermal Barrier to keep temperatures more manageable inside the capsule. While PHOOZY still suggests keeping your gear out of hot or freezing cars if you’re going to be gone for more than 3 hours, the insulated design will keep your iPad or MacBook from extremes during those three hours.

The same padding that provides excellent drop protection also makes this THE sleeve to use if you’re near water — the sleeve actually floats! The PHOOZY sleeve has IP66-rated water resistance; the zippers are fully sealed from the elements so even a torrential downpour or a short-term dip in a lake isn’t an issue.

6_MacBookCapsule13_IG_Bikes - Copy.jpg


There’s plenty of room inside the PHOOZY Thermal Capsule for a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and there’s even a slot for the Apple Pencil. The padded strap is very comfortable, so carrying the PHOOZY for hours on a trip won’t wear out your shoulder.

While I didn’t want to drop-test my gear, I did give my iPad Pro a dip in the bathtub with the PHOOZY encasing it. As promised, it floated, and the water-resistant zipper did its job by keeping the inside of the sleeve bone dry.

Of course, if you have your iPad or MacBook in the PHOOZY capsule, you still want it to be able to connect to Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth devices. Not to worry - that metallic-looking ripstop barrier doesn’t block any signals.


Thermal protection from both heat and cold? Check! Drop protection? Check! Water resistance? Check! Good looks? Check! Comfortable carry? Check! Add to all this a price that’s reasonable, and you have a winner iPad and MacBook sleeve.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★