Need ports? TwelveSouth’s StayGo gives your Mac laptop lotsa ports

For years, new Mac laptops have come with a dearth of ports. Hubs are available that allow you to add more ports. Unfortunately, most of them connect directly to your laptop, resulting in a tangle of cords and cables hanging off the side of your Mac.

TwelveSouth’s $99.99 StayGo solves this problem and has become one of my favorite accessories for use with my MacBook Air. The portable, desktop friendly hub restores eight legacy ports and connections  (4K HDMI, USB-A + power, USB-A, Ethernet, USB-C with pass-through power, and micro-SD and SD), but with a one-meter cable long enough to keep wires tucked away for a clean workspace.

StayGo big.png

Working remotely? Switch to the StayGo travel cord, which conveniently stores inside the hub. This keeps it out of the way, but easily accessible when you need it. Unlike other hubs with a fixed cable, the StayGo travel cable stays protected inside the metal hub, which means it’s protected from damage. And with its compact design, it fits easily into a computer bag or backpack. Now, wherever work takes you, you can Stay, or Go with ease.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★