Apple can't roll out a revolutionary product every six months

Analysts often undervalue Apple stock, sometimes implying that the company is "doomed" if it doesn't enter a new market such as making automobiles (the currently rumored "Apple Car'). They ignore one of the reasons Apple has been successful: it does a (relatively) few things well.

Some pundits complain that Apple is losing its innovation edge despite a lack of evidence to back this up. Those who expect the company to unveil a world-changing product every six months aren't living in the real world.

R&D chart.png

Apple spent nearly $14 billion (yep, billion) on research and development in 2018. Clearly, Apple is investing heavily in its future.

Apple may or may not be working on a car (I’m doubtful). It may or may not release augmented reality glasses (I think it will). Whatever Apple's plans, the company can't let short-sighted "experts" mar its long-term vision. When Apple tries to be all things to all people, that's when it's in trouble.

In fact, I sometimes wonder if Apple is trying to do too many things right now. But that’ a topic for another column. (And, having said that, I would love to see the company introduce new computer displays that most of us could afford and revive its AirPort/Time Capsule line.)

Besides would it really be that bad if Apple "only" continued to improve its current product lines and make great Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, software, and services.