BankMyCell: iPhone retention is the lowest it’s been since 2011

Since October 2018, BankMyCell has been collecting data on the new device consumers have during the valuation and trade-in of their old iPhones. The result is a dataset of 38,043 individuals, providing insights into consumers upgrade cycle patterns and Apple’s brand loyalty during the online trade-in process.

BankMyCell chart.png

And with the latest data, it seems iPhone retention is down 15.2% to 73%, the lowest it’s been since 2011. According to BankMyCell:

  • The iPhone XS was in the bottom four devices for same brand upgrades.

  • Approximately 26.2% of individuals trading in their iPhone X moved to another brand, compared to only 7.7% of Galaxy S9 users switched to an iPhone, leaving 92.3% predominantly on Android.

  • In June 2019, 18.08% of people trading in iPhones had a Samsung device, the highest figure recorded in the BankMyCell study.

  • On average, 70.8% of iOS user's remained with Apple during an iPhone trade-in from quarter four (Q4) 2018 to quarter two 2019.

  • Only 66.4% of iOS users trading in stayed with Apple during the fourth quarter of 2018, following the release of the iPhone XR/XS range.

  • Approximately 24.5% of individuals trading in iPhones during Q4 2018 had moved to a new brand; Samsung (13.8%), LG (8.2%) or Motorola (2.5%).

  • On average, 12.4% of iPhone users jumped ship to Samsung, and 6.4% to LG smartphones from Q4'18 to Q2’19.

  • About 18.5% of people selling an iPhone XS had moved to Samsung - the most significant Apple to Samsung brand switch out of 16 phones.