Missing macOS Server? The Zentyal macServer Indiegogo project needs your support


Apple didn’t make a lot of Mac admins happy when it decided to drop macOS Server. The app, which provided such services as file sharing, email, web services, DNS, directory services and more, was popular in all-Mac shops for many years, but wasn’t making money for Apple. An Indiegogo campaign has been started to port the popular Zentyal Server (a Linux-based server distribution) to macOS to provide a replacement to macOS Server.

Sadly, the word hasn’t gotten out and the team has only $552 raised out of a $120,000 flexible goal. With only 17 days left in the campaign, the hope for a Mac-based server app isn’t looking too good, but we’re hoping other sites will pick up on this short article and help get the word out.

The Zentyal Server app is an all-in-one server, thoroughly built for SMB customers that’s easy to deploy & manage and covers all features needed in a small to medium-sized business environment:

1) Domain, Directory & File Server
Powerful Samba Services with an award-winning, Mac-friendly 3-step domain setup.

2) Mail & Groupware Server
Comes with industry-standard SMTP and POP3/IMAP mail server, CalDAV, CardDAV, webmail, built upon the most established technologies and protocols.

3) Gateway & Infrastructure
Guarantees reliable and secure Internet access and helps to manage all the basic network infrastructure services.

The campaign wants to make Zentyal macServer an affordable alternative to more expensive and complicated server operating systems, with a 25 user license for $199, a $75 user license for $499, a 300 user license at $999, and unlimited users for $2,999.

With the recent announcement of the new Mac Pro, Zentyal macServer could once again bring the power of server features to the Mac platform.