I doubt Apple has terminated its ‘Apple Glasses’ plans

Apple has canned development of its widely rumored augmented reality glasses, according to DigiTimes. The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) is dubious this is true.

I think Apple has put too much work into an augmented reality/virtual reality head mounted display to terminate its “Apple Glasses” project. The company has filed for, and been granted, numerous patents for such hardware and software.

Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster has predicted that Apple’s augmented reality (AR) headset  will arrive in 2021 and sell more than 10 million units in its first year. And I suspect he’s right.

Apple Glasses big.png

“We expect Apple's AR theme to play out in three phases," Munster said, with the first occurring in the fall iPhone refresh in the form of more iPhones using VCSEL arrays that can help power AR experiences. This will be followed by ARKit apps becoming "the next gold rush for developers" in the fields of gaming, commerce, and education, then the release of "Apple Glasses." 

On the same topic, an unnamed CNET source has said that Apple will have an AR/VR headset ready by 2020. Code-named T288, it will purportedly include an 8K display for each eye and won’t have to be tethered to a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. 

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in March that Apple’s smart glass could go into mass production as soon as the fourth quarter of 2019 and as late as the second quarter of 2020. I think it will be the second quarter of 2020. We may see Apple Glasses by Christmas 2020 or in spring of 2021.