Organize Your Workspace with the ProBase C Aluminum Monitor Stand


I sincerely hope that nobody else’s has a workspace as messy as mine. Around my trusty 27-inch iMac are numerous USB drives, hubs, and other connectors, so finding things (like one of those little micro-SD cards) can be an exercise in futility. I need to get one of today’s deals — a ProBase C Aluminum Monitor Stand — so that I have space below that iMac to organize a lot of the clutter. Our deal gets you the stand for $89, which is a cool $50 off of the usual price.

Available in silver and space gray, the ProBase C Aluminum Monitor Stand has these great features:

  • Connect USB Type-A & Type-C devices easily to a convenient location underneath the monitor

  • Sleek & sturdy to support a minimalist lifestyle

  • Charges devices even when your computer is not plugged in thanks to external power supply

  • Finished w/ a concealed drawer to store flash drives, external HDDs, memory cards, stationery, & much more

  • Works as a laptop stand to help you maximize productivity

  • Lifts a computer monitor or laptop for maximum comfort to improve posture & create an ideal workspace

Weighing just 2.9 lbs, the stand can take a load of up to 33 lbs with ease. You (and I) have no more excuses for a clean and organized workspace — get one today from the Apple World Today Deals Shop.