Petition asks Apple to make ‘an affordable Mac external display’

Great minds think alike. In a blog post today, I asked, “Where are the Apple displays for the rest of us?” Now there’s a new petition asking Apple to “make an affordable Mac external display.”

Apple display.png

Matthew Taylor of started the petition. Here’s what the petition requests:

To satisfy us, all you’d have to do is take the 27” Retina iMac display and rework it as a stand-alone external Thunderbolt 3 display. Preferably with affordable stand and VESA mount options. Those iMacs start at $1799 as of June 3 2019. Surely you can make and sell an external display for less.

And/Or, create a compromise size - 30”, perhaps? - external display at a price point that’s half or less the price of the Pro XDR, yet still fantastic. It doesn’t need to be reference-grade, it just needs to be Retina.

You can learn more, and sign here!