Apple Retail two-hour deliveries are a reality

Now that’s what I call customer service!

Now that’s what I call customer service!

Apple continues to surprise me, even after 35 years of using the company’s products. Today I needed to order an Apple Pencil 2 because of an upcoming article I’m working on. I’m quite busy, so I didn’t want to take the time to run over to either of the two Apple retail outlets that are nearby and decided to order using the Apple Store app. Well, imagine my surprise when I saw an option for two hour delivery! For $9, that Apple Pencil will be delivered in two hours by courier. (See the update below for news on how long it REALLY took…)

I’m used to getting next-day deliveries from Amazon Prime, and I’ve even had Amazon do a same day delivery of an item that I ordered early in the morning. It’s good to see Apple fighting back on Amazon’s turf, even if it is only in places that have a nearby Apple Store.

If one of our readers would like to buy me a new iMac Pro (loaded, of course…), be sure to click that “2-hour delivery” button when you finish paying for it. Let’s hear it for instant gratification!

UPDATE: Did I say two hour delivery? How about 41 minutes? My order was made at 12:58 PM MDT, the box was hand-delivered by a PostMates courier at 1:39 PM MDT.