iPhone XS crushes Samsung Galaxy S10 when it comes to resale value retention

According to BankMyCell, a site for comparing trade-in items for tech devices, Galaxy S10’s lost more value in one month than the iPhone XS lost in nine months.

BankMyCell chart.png

The report says the iPhone XS/XR range lost 42.40% in nine months of release, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 range lost 46.69% in the first month of release. Even the budget versions of the flagship phones followed a similar pattern, with the Galaxy S10e losing 11.1% more of its value in 30 days than the iPhone XR did in over half a year.

However, when reviewing the depreciation data, even though the iPhone XS range is outperforming the Galaxy S10 range in terms of resale value, it wasn’t a cause for celebration for Apple owners. In the nine months since its release, the iPhone XS is losing value much faster than the iPhone X did (13.85% more, in fact).