Pick Up a Lifetime License for WindowSwitcher for Mac: Just $20


Do you run into the problem of just having way too many windows one on your Mac at the same time? Find yourself searching through every window before you find the one you want? Get your windows under control with WindowSwitcher for Mac, available for a limited time for $19.99 in the Apple World Today Deals Shop.

You can organize all of your windows in one easy-to-view display.

  • Access all your open windows in one easy interface

  • Use the Command + Number key to easily switch windows

  • Manage your window positions & sizes w/ one click

  • Easily close, minimize, maximize & restore any window

  • Use gestures to move & resize windows

  • Choose from several layout options for displaying a list of open windows


Your one-time purchase of WindowSwitcher for Mac gets you all upgrades to the app — forever!