NetMarketShare: macOS market share up, iOS share down in April

According to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare, the market share for macOS was up slightly in April, while iOS was down slightly.

macOS had 9.74% of the desktop/laptop operating system market share in April compared to 9.73% in March. Windows remained dominate with 87.44%.

macOS Mojave.jpeg

iOS had 28.21 % of the mobile operating system market share last month, compared to 28.24% in March. Android remains dominate with 70.22% market share.

iOS 12 screen.jpeg

NetMarketShares’ monthly surveys don’t measure market share in terms of computer systems sold. Instead they sample data from visitors to some 40,000 web sites operated by their clients. And note that NetMarketShare’s numbers don’t equate to sales.