Hey, Apple, how about an ‘Apple Desk’ for wirelessly charging all our devices?

Now that the AirPower has been canceled, it would be kinda cool if Apple gave us an “iDesk” as envisioned by the folks at Geeky Gadgets and, some years ago, by Mac/Life. It would doubtless be pricey and have a niche audience, but I think there’s a market for such a product. And it’s something I’ve dreamed about over the years.

The iDesk — which would probably be dubbed the “Apple Desk” if it ever came to fruition — would be able to wirelessly charge iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, AirPods, and — at some point in the future — Macs. And it could do much more. 

Apple Desk.png

For example, here’s how Mac/Life described it (though it’s disappeared from the publication’s website, which has been rolled into techradar): "Imagine an entirely adaptable workspace that doesn’t just hold your equipment, but enhances and interacts with it. As with Microsoft's Surface technology, the entire desk would be a touch-sensitive display capable of running several simultaneous apps, some of which--such as a calendar, phone, and digital Post-It notes—would replace their physical counterparts entirely. Notifications, to-do lists, video conferencing, Adobe tool palettes, and countless widgets such as calculators and weather reports would all appear right on the surface of your desk, literally putting your entire working world at your fingertips.”

I’m sure the product would be rather expensive -- think a humongous Thunderbolt Display wedded to a high quality desk wedded to a wireless charger-- and folks aren't going to want to upgrade their Apple Desk as often as they do a Mac or iPhone. The pricey Apple Desk would be a boutique item that would/should last years for the folks who forked out the big bucks for it.