Get Creative With The Corel Creative Mac Bundle, Just $39.99 Today


Corel has been a powerhouse in the software world for many years, particularly in terms of the powerful creative apps they produce. Today we bring you five Corel Creative apps in a tasty bundle worth over $300, available for just $39.99. It’s The Corel Creative Mac Bundle Featuring Toast 17 Titanium

Let’s take a look at the five apps in the bundle:

Toast 17 Titanium - It’s a digital media suite and DVD burner for Mac. Now enhanced and more secure DVD authoring is built in, along with screen capturing. With the proper hardware, you can burn Blu-rays, too! Powerful disc cataloging is built in, and it works well with other apps like Corel Painter Essentials, AftterShot and FotoMagico.

AfterShot Pro 3 - Do you shoot RAW? RAW files are uncompressed image files and they contain all of the color and intensity data captured by your camera. AfterShot Pro 3 converts your RAW images efficiently, letting you upload, edit and manage without losing picture quality.

Painter Essentials 6 - Are you creative? It’s a painting app with natural media brushes, even giving you the capability to create paintings from photos with a few clicks. 


WinZip 6 - Do you ever get those pesky files that you just can’t uncompress? RAR files are a particular pain... Well, WinZip has been around for eons, and WinZip 6 Mac is the best compressor/decompressor app around.

ParticleShop - Anyone who uses PhotoShop or AfterShot 3 should grab ParticleShop, which adds dynamic speckle brushes as well as “particle brushes” that can be used with pressure sensitive tablets or regular pointing devices. 

Get the Corel Creative Mac Bundle today and supercharge your creativity.