AppleTV + may appeal mostly to millennials, the middle-aged

BrandTotal, a social analytics platform, has released data about Apple TV+, Apple’s upcoming video streaming service. 

The study analyzed all paid social ads for Apple TV+ in the U.S. between March 25-29. The analysis covered Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and included “dark” as well as public campaigns. (“Dark” social media ads are only shown to carefully targeted audiences.)

Apple TV+.png

On Twitter, Apple promoted the Apple TV+ to a 61% male vs. 39% female audience. What’s more, the tech giant mostly targeted millennial (29%), 25-34, and middle-aged (22%), 35-44, users who are single (58%), not in-a-relationship (28% married, 8% in-a-relationship, 5% engaged). Historically, Apple has, on Twitter, targeted married (50%) women (58%) vs. men (42%) ages 45-54 (25%). Beyond Twitter, the only other social media platform Apple leveraged for social media promotion, albeit unpaid and organic, was YouTube. Apple featured three promos for the new service on its own YouTube page.