Giveaway! Win a FIBARO HomeKit Flood Sensor and get iPhone warnings of home flooding


Spring is just around the corner, and that means that your chances of experiencing home flooding from strong spring rains or a deluge of melting snow are growing exponentially. Sadly, many people don’t get warnings of encroaching water until it’s too late and a basement is damaged as a result. That’s why we’d love to set one Apple World Today reader up with a FIBARO HomeKit Flood Sensor in a giveaway!

We reviewed a pre-production version of the Flood Sensor last October, and it easily picked up a 5-star rating. The device is sensitive and fast, notifying you through HomeKit and the Home app of leaks.

The warning I received from the Flood Sensor during a test in September of 2018

The warning I received from the Flood Sensor during a test in September of 2018

Mine is currently installed in a laundry room, but I’m planning on purchasing two more for my unfinished basement now that the sensors are widely available for sale at Apple retail stores for US$69.96. Not only do they warn you of possible flooding conditions, but the Flood Sensors have a built-in thermometer and you can ask Siri what the temperature is in any room where the sensor is installed.


FIBARO has some great ideas on its website, including using the Flood Sensor to turn a HomeKit-enabled light blue when it senses a leek. Of course, you’ll get an immediate warning on your iPhone and other Apple devices, and the Flood Sensor also emits a loud beep to warn you of flooding.

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