First batch of Apple's AirPods 2 now shipping

If you ordered the AirPods 2 last week on the day, they were announced, you should get yours this week. Mine is due to arrive Wednesday, so look for a review soon.

The second generation of the company’s wireless headphones sport the Apple-designed H1 chip, developed specifically for headphones. It delivers performance efficiencies, faster connect times, more talk time, and the convenience of hands-free "Hey Siri.” 

AirPods come with either a standard charging case or a new Wireless Charging Case for charging at home and on the go. The new AirPods and AirPods with Wireless Charging Case are available to order on and the Apple Store app.

AirPods 2.png

According to Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide, the H1 chip features custom audio architecture to create a revolutionary audio experience and improved synchronization. It allows AirPods to deliver up to 50% more talk time compared to first generation AirPods. 

Schiller says switching between devices while listening to music on iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad is more seamless than ever with two times faster connect times, says For the first time, AirPods now feature the convenience of “Hey Siri” making it easier to change songs, make a call, adjust the volume or get directions simply by saying, “Hey Siri.” 

The new AirPods come with either the standard charging case ($159) or the new Wireless Charging Case ($199). Each case holds additional charges for more than 24 hours of total listening time, ensuring AirPods are charged and ready to go whenever you are. The Wireless Charging Case is designed to offer the freedom of wireless charging with Qi-compatible charging solutions. An LED light indicator located on the front of the case conveniently shows the charge status with just a glance.