Apple scoops up Stamplay, which makes business automation tech

According to Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. Apple has scooped up Stamplay, an Italian startup that develops business automation tech. The tech giant paid about five million euros ($5.6 million in US dollars) for the acquisition, the article adds.

Stamplay logo big.png

Stamplay makes an application program interface-based development platform that’s designed to help web developers to build and launch full-featured cloud-based web apps in record time. The company’s web-based editor includes popular application program interface like Stripe (payments), Sendgrid (email), Twilio (SMS and VoIP), Pusher (realtime notifications) and more. 

Stamplay’s website says it’s “changing how software is built on the web by leveraging the growing API economy to provide an intuitive all-in-one solution for developers” and says businesses should “forget worrying about your servers, back-end coding or API integration, and use Stamplay to focus on bringing your ideas to life.”