AlsterPlus: An ultra-powerful USB-C battery pack, on sale

USB-C is here to stay, and many Apple users are enjoying the speed and power of USB-C charging capabilities. Today we’re bringing you a deal on the AlsterPlus USB-C Battery Pack, a 27,000 mAh behemoth that’s on sale today for $179 — that’s 30% off of the usual price tag.

The AlsterPlus is the world’s most powerful battery pack integrated with a USB charging hub.

  • Lightweight & equipped w/ a powerful 100W / 27000mAh battery to charge virtually any device completely

  • Integrated w/ 2 USB-C ports to simultaneously charge multiple USB-C devices

  • 2 USB-A ports come w/ QC 3.0 quick charging technology to charge devices faster

  • USB 2.0 port performs data transfer at up to 480Mbp/s

  • Recharges fully in just about one hour

  • Supports pass through charging

  • Employs overcharge, discharge, current, temperature, & short circuit protections

Are you an international reader? No problem — the AlsterPlus ships internationally. Order today and you’ll have it in about two weeks.