AWT TV Episode 51: If at first you don't succeed...

Image via @t rat max on  Unsplash

Image via @tratmax on Unsplash

As you know, we’ve been having some difficulties with live-streaming of AWT TV thanks to a ban from YouTube Live. Well, the ban hammer has stopped pounding us and it looks like we’ll be back on the air tonight. AWT Episode 51 starts at 5:30 PM PT (8:30 PM ET) and will run about an hour. Marty and I will be talking a little bit about Apple’s quick recovery thanks to the “not as bad as expected” Q1 financial results, doing some demos of a few new apps that we’re using, and might even have a few accessories to show off.

You can either join the livestream at the start time by pointing your browser to this page (YouTube, and you’ll be able to chat with us) or you can watch the livestream (no chat available) here:

If you try watching it before the stream starts, you’ll probably just get a note that we’re not on the air yet…

We look forward to getting back to our twice-monthly schedule and are pretty sure that we’ve exorcised the livestream demons. See you tonight!

(Thumbnail image by @garciasaldana on Unsplash)