A Lego-like, modular Mac Pro in 2020? My crystal ball says 'no'

A new report from YouTube channel Tailosive Tech — as noted by AppleInsider claims that the Mac Pro refresh will rely on a custom data connector, and mission-specific modules (think Legos) that can be stacked to provide what users need, though it may not ship to customers until 2020.

Mac Pro big.jpg

Tailosive Tech claims each of the modules will be slightly bigger than the current Mac mini, so customers will be able to build the configurations they want. As for the details of how each module in stack will work, the report says they’ll be powered from the base or “brain” module but feature independent power supplies and cooling. 

Chances of this happening, according to the Sellers Research Group (that’s me): 10%. It’s an interesting idea, but if a modular Mac Pro is delayed another year, Apple will catch hell. I think the new pro desktop will be introduced at June’s Worldwide Developer Conference and go on sale in late fall. I also think it will have a more traditional design than a Lego-like arrangement, akin to the pictured mock-up from PCMag.