Five more games added to Apple Arcade

Apple has added another five games to its Apple Arcade, game streaming service that costs $4.99 per month. The new games are (along with Apple’s description): 

Discolored by Shifty Eye (pictured): A surreal, first-person puzzle adventure game that tasks you with restoring the color to a once-vibrant world. 


Guildlings by Sirvo Studios: A story-driven episodic adventure from the maker of Threes, telling a lighthearted coming-of-age fantasy story about a group of friends on a mythical quest. 

Sociable Soccer by Rogue Games: A fast-paced, cross-platform soccer game that includes gameplay on the soccer field and also a full team management system. UFO on Tape: First Contact by Revolutionary Concepts: An AR game that puts you in the shoes of a UFO hunter. 

Takeshi & Hiroshi by Oink Games: A 1-hour long short story about two brothers, taking place in the real world and inside of a role playing game that one of the brothers is making. 

Marble It Up: Mayhem! by The Marble Collective: A puzzle game where you have to safely navigate a marble across vast and treacherous landscapes.

Apple Arcade now has 100 games available on iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS, as well as 92 titles on macOS.