KeySmart’s NanoTorch offers a nice Twist on the small flashlight

KeySmart's $59.99 NanoTorch Twist is a magnetic 90° swivel LED flashlight that’s pricey, but can come in very handy.

It has a rotating swivel head that swivels from 0-90 degrees, so you can use it for tasks ranging from looking for small Apple accessories you’ve dropped behind your desk to tracking down that bag of Gummy Bears your granddaughter “lost” in your car (yes, I have experience in these matters).

NanoTorch big.png

The NanoTorch Twist has a magnetic tail cap and pocket clip so you can use it hands-free if you wish. It mounts to metal, so is very useful for looking under your car’s hood or in the trunk.

The Twist sports three light modes — high, medium, and low — so can be used in a variety of home, yard, emergency, and car scenarios. Thanks to its 600 lumens capability, the Twist is surprisingly bright on high and has a beam distance of over 350 feet. A nice touch: it “remembers” the last brightness setting you last used whenever you turn it on.

Though only 3.25 ounces, it’s also durable thanks to its machined aluminum casing that promises to keep the flashlight relatively unscathed in a three-foot drop. It also has a splash-proof rating of IPX4, which means it’s water resistant, but not waterproof.

The folks at KeySmart say the Twist has a 50,000 hour lifetime, but I haven’t been using it long enough to attest for this claim. They also claim that it can run up to seven hours on its lowest brightness setting thanks tho its 750 man rechargeable Li-ion battery (which comes with an included micro-USB cable). That claim I can vouch for.

Not everyone will need the Twist, but it’s bright and is great, for instance, when you need to find the right key on your keychain at night or find items on the floor of your car when it’s dark.