Rumor: Apple will release a redesigned iPhone X this year

In a note to clients Jean Baptiste Su, vice president and principal analyst at the consulting firm of Atherton Research predicts that Apple will release a re-designed iPhone X in 2019.

iPhone X big.jpg

He forecasts it to have a smaller notch, a fingerprint reader (Touch ID) under the display, and a USB-C port. Su adds that “it will still lack the extensibility (memory card), the battery life, the lightning-fast charging capability, and the camera quality of Android flagship smartphones while being more expensive.”

Changes the rumor is (partially) true, according to the Sellers Research Group (that’s me): 100%. I say “partially” because I do think Apple’s next gen/high end iPhone (whatever it will be called) will have a smaller notch, Touch ID under the screen, and a USB-C port. However, I do think it will have fast charging capability and a camera that will equal, or surpass, any smartphone around.