New York looking into Apple’s failure to warn customer about the FaceTime bug

New York’s new Attorney General Letitia James and Governor Andrew Cuomo have announced an investigation into Apple’s failure to warn consumers about a FaceTime Group Calling exploit that lets iPhones users listen to conversations of others who haven’t yet accepted a video call, reports Reuters.

Group Facetime.jpg

“We need a full accounting of the facts to confirm businesses are abiding by New York consumer protection laws and to help make sure this type of privacy breach does not happen again,” Cuomo said in a statement.

Apple is already facing one lawsuit in the matter. Bloomberg reports that a Houston lawyer is suing the tech giant because his iPhone inadvertently allowed an unknown person to eavesdrop on his private conversation with a client. Larry Williams II said the incident happened while he was taking sworn testimony during a client deposition. 

Apple says it plans a software update to fix the issue later this week.