Presentations are easy with this CASA USB-C Hub with HDMI and VGA Out

So, you have a MacBook Air, MacBook or MacBook Pro, and it’s time to give a presentation. Do you have a way of taking that wonderful Keynote or PowerPoint presentation off of your MacBook screen and displaying it to your audience? Your MacBook no longer comes with an HDMI or other display port, so you’re going to need something to plug into a USB-C port that gives you either VGA or HDMI output. That’s what you get with the $39 CASA USB-C Hub from Adam Elements ($49 for one with two HDMI ports).

  • Easily connect your USB-C device w/ HDMI & VGA ports

  • Transmit media in stunning 4K at 30 Hz (HDMI) or 1080p at 60 Hz (VGA)

  • Take anywhere thanks its compact size

  • Enjoy greater cable strength & flexibility w/ the nylon fiber cloth



  • Dimensions: 0.6"H x 5.6"L x 2.4"W

  • Input interface: USB type-C male

  • Output interface: HDMI std.A/VGA female

  • Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS,BSMI

  • Resolution (HDMI): 4K x 2K @ 30 Hz (max)

  • Resolution (VGA): 1080p @ 60 Hz (max)

  • Supports 1080p resolution when both inputs are connected

  • Weight: 40g

To choose the hub with two HDMI ports, just point your browser to this page instead.