We might get an iPhone SE 2, after all because the original is back (sorta)

Previously, I’ve opined that there would be no iPhone SE 2. Now I’m not so sure.

iPhone SE big.jpg

The original is (kinda) back. Apple has started selling the iPhone SE again on its online store. Admittedly, it’s only part of a “clearance sale” to get ride of inventory. But with slower-than-expected iPhone sales, and complaints that Apple smartphones have gotten way too expensive, a follow-up to the SE seems likely.

For now, you can get an unopened iPhone SE for only $249 with 32GB or 128GB for $299. That’s $100 and $150, respectively, off the original prices before the phone was removed from sale.

If Apple does release an iPhone SE 2 this fall, I expect it will have a bigger display (4.2 inches), an A10 processor, Touch ID (but not Face ID), plus 2GB of RAM. The smartphone will come in 32GB and 128GB storage options.