German court tosses patent lawsuit filed by Qualcomm against Apple

A patent lawsuit filed by Qualcomm against Apple has been thrown out by a German court in a reversal for the chipmaker after it won a recent court ban on the sale of some iPhones in the country, reports Reuters.

Apple vs. Qualcomm.jpg

The regional court in the city of Mannheim dismissed the Qualcomm suit as groundless in an initial verbal decision, saying the patent in question was not violated by the installation of its chips in Apple’s smartphones. Qualcomm, not surprisingly, plans to appeal.

This is all part of an ongoing, global battle. In January 2017, Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm, alleging the chip supplier demanded unfair terms for its technology.  However, Qualcomm denied the allegations and says Apple wouldn't have an iPhone business if it weren't for fair licensing of the company’s essential tech. Since then, lawsuits between the two companies have been fast and furious.