Kittyhawk releases white paper on UAS Remote ID

unsplash-logoSorry imKirkThe biggest problem with drones right now is accountability. There are a lot of good FAA-licensed and unlicensed pilots who follow the rules to the letter, and that's fine. But for the use of commercial drones to expand while there are still people who break the law -- knowingly or without knowing what they're doing -- there will need to be a way to keep drone pilots accountable. Kittyhawk today released a white paper that details how UAS Remote ID will work and why it should be implemented in US airspace.The white paper is interesting reading, and can be downloaded for free here. Basically, the company explains how Remote ID would work -- it's like a license plate for drones that are flying in controlled and uncontrolled airspace, and enables anyone from FAA controllers and law enforcement officers on down to know who it operating a drone locally.As an FAA-licensed UAS remote pilot in command, I am tired of seeing pilots getting away with flagrantly breaking the law and I would welcome a system like this.