iRobot Finally Making a Robot Lawnmower

Image of iRobot Terra Robotic Mower setup via iRobot

Although they're usually expensive and difficult to set up, robot lawnmowers have been growing in popularity over the past decade as people get more used to robots and get more lazy. Companies like Honda, Husqvarna, and Worx have had robot lawnmowers on the market for a while, with prices ranging from $600 up to $2,800. Now robot vacuum king iRobot is said to be entering the market with an as-yet-unpriced autonomous lawnmower called Terra.

Unlike some of the other robotic lawnmowers on the market that require a buried wire to mark the perimeter of the space to be mowed, iRobot's Terra will use a wireless system featuring beacons that can be placed in the yard combined with intelligent onboard mapping.

One other great feature -- many of the other lawnmowers take a random walk around your yard to mow it. iRobot says that Terra will define the perimeter of the area to be mowed, and then mow in straight back-and-forth lines for a better look. When Terra senses that it has a low battery, it heads back to a charging dock for more power.

The Terra is expected to start selling in Germany this year, and it's hoped that a US beta program will also start in 2019.