The LAMPCHARGE is a handy tablet lamp and USB charger all in one

Need to combine a table lamp and USB charger all in one? Macally’s $49.99 LAMPCHARGE is a compact lamp with a warm, soft white light (2700K) that doubles as a USB charger.


It has four 5V/4.8A USB ports with Smart IC (2 x 2.1A, 2 x 1A) so you can juice up your iPad/tablet, iPhone/smartphone, or other USB-powered gadget. It’s compatible with 100-240V AC input and comes with a six-foot AC power cable. That’s a nice surprise, as many electronic devices ship with cords that are too short.

The LAMPCHARGE is also a solid night lamp. You touch and hold the top to turn it on or off. Once it’s on, just tap its top to make it brighter or dimmer; there are three brightness setting (dim, medium, bright).

At 0.4 x 0.34 x 0.34 (0.61 pounds), the LAMPCHARGE isn’t small enough to toss in a backpack or purse and carry with you. But it’s great as a night light, bedside charger, or charger for family members to charge a variety of USB-powered mobile devices in one central location. And it has a overcharge/overheating prevention feature to prevent accidental device damage.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★