The PowerVolt 3.0 is handy for charging two USB-C devices at once

Scoshe’s PowerVolt 3.0 is an 18W USB-C Port for fast charging speed for two devices such as an iPhone and iPad. It’s small, portable, and does what’s expected of it.


It can power a smartphone, tablet, or other device (though it’s not powerful enough to juice up Mac laptops) to 70% capacity in 30 minutes through a single 18W output. If you connect a less powerful device to the port, no problem; the PowerVolt 3.0’s optimized charging circuitry won’t harm less powerful devices thanks to its overcharge/overheating prevention feature. The 12W USB-A port can be used for charging a second (less power hungry) device simultaneously. 

The PowerVolt 3.0 is available in two models: for home use ($24.99) or car use ($34.99). The latter is, of course, the more portable of the two. But the former has fold-out prongs, which makes it easy to stow in a backpack or purse.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★