Excuse us! It's the iPhone Xr, not the XC...or is it?

Okaaaay, another day and another name for the lower-cost 6.1-inch LCD screen iPhone that's expected to be announced on Wednesday -- the iPhone Xr (or XR). This comes from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who is usually pretty good in his predictions. 


The Xr (XR, XC, Xc) is also expected to be in short supply because of alleged issues in attaching backlights to the LCD panels. That's a pity, because the aluminum-edged iPhone will likely be in demand as it brings many of the features of last year's iPhone X to a larger and less expensive iPhone. 

Gurman also thinks what we've been calling the iPhone XS Plus will be the iPhone Xs Max. So why the Xr moniker on the LCD iPhone? Who knows? One pundit said it's because "r is before s", which is just plain silly. I'd go for the Xc (notice the lower case c this time) as this iPhone will allegedly have multiple colored bodies. 

With this post, I'm officially dropping the naming guesses until Wednesday when we actually hear what they are. And of course, we'll hear about the new iPad Pro (let's call it the the Pro x because it will have Face ID and no bezel) that day as well...