AWT TV Episode 45: Another week, another shocking development!

Last night, Marty Edwards and I got together for another online chat about tech and life in general, and as it turned out, this was basically Part 2 of last week's show. While on last week's show Marty shocked me by unveiling a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 he was using, this week he had another new phone: an iPhone X!

It's great to see that Mr. Edwards is back in the Apple flock, and being an iPhone X owner I think he made the right decision this time. We were a bit late going live last night thanks to some issues with YouTube Live and Google Hangouts; it appears that Google doesn't have the "it just works" idea firmly implanted in the corporate brain. 

AWT TV will be off the air until September 18 as we have a lot going on between now and then, but expect to hear us talking about new iPhones, new Macs, and new iPad Pros the next time we meet on air. We're also looking at ways to improve our production values on the show a bit, so don't be surprised if you see some changes by the next episode.