Teraglove helps you clean up your act (or at least your Apple devices’ screens)

moshi's $19.95 teraglove is a handy (pun intended) product for cleaning the screens of your macOS and iOS devices. Plus, it's environmentally friendly.

The teraglove is made with moshi's own blend of Terahedron and is used to remove dust, dirt, stain and smears from any display or touch screen. With its "default configuration" (yep, that's how moshi describes it), you use it to remove smears. The default configuration is when the grey side is exposed.

Teraglove big.jpeg

You can turn the teraglove inside out to reveal a black suede-like inner layer meant for wiping away dust particles and water left on the screen. It has an eco-friendly design; moshi says that no chemicals or chemical treatments are used in the cleaning solution or cloth. And you can toss the teraglove in with your wash to clean and use it again.

Conveniently, it comes with a small sprayer bottle that you fill with water. Spray the H2O on the teraglove when you want to remove stains from your Mac or iOS device (DO NOT spray water directly on their screens).

The teraglove does its job admirably. There are microfiber cloths for a better price, but I've yet to find one as fine as moshi's product. The slight padding helps ensure you don't press too hard on your device screens.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★