AWT TV Episode 44: Marty goes rogue, Mojave looks great, and more


We don’t know what you did on the last night of July 2018, but for Marty Edwards and me, it was time to sit down and chat on another episode of AWT TV. Previously on the show, we’ve hit on the fact that the best device for a particular job might not be from Apple, and on last night’s show Marty confessed that he no longer uses an iPhone, having migrated to a Samsung Galaxy S9 instead.

Once I was over the shock (not really), Marty explained why Android — and not iOS — is the best mobile operating system for him. For those readers who might have a similar use case to his, the high level of automation possible with a $3 app might be just the reason to jump off the Apple ship.

I noted that in some cases, the tight integration between Apple’s hardware and software makes it the default choice for a stable platform. That’s important in the drone world, where many Android device users are wary of controller app upgrades that iOS users install without hesitation.

I also demonstrated macOS Mojave beta 5, as well as the fascinating Fabric app. The latter app automates the process of keeping a trip journal, showing locations visited, the exact times you were there, and allowing photos to be integrated into the timeline.

We’ll have another show next Tuesday night (August 7) at 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET, before going into a hiatus to accommodate vacations.