Take the pane out of using the Mac Finder

If you are the average Mac user, you can make do with the Finder’s panes. If you need to transfer folders, files, what-have-you from one disk or volume to another, you merely open a second pane and drag and drop between the two. And there's the ability to set-up tabs.

But suppose that you are a power user who does this constantly all day. Not only would it be tedious but it would be extremely time consuming.

What you need is a dual pane file manager. Eltima Software is here to help you.

Commander One screen.jpg

Commander One is a file manager for Mac, a Finder like program to copy, delete, compress/uncompress files, connect to an FTP server, etc. However, Commander One can do much more than Finder, e.g. search for files with specific pattern across all drives and archives, mount MTP and iOS devices, view processes in the system, etc.”

The UI is is completely intuitive. At the very top is your menu bar, which allows your preferred layout: columns, lists, or icons.  Above each window the path to that particular window is revealed. You can toggle to show/hide hidden files, see File Info, Quick Look, or search by customizable parameters. 

You can archive or connect with other services such as Dropbox, Amazon 3, Google Drive, and more. You can also connect via FTP, SFTP, et al. from within Commander One.

At the pane’s bottom is a row of buttons that allow you to View, Edit, Copy, Move, create a New Folder, or delete any item. They all have corresponding function keys so if you prefer shortcuts, you’re set.

There are unlimited tabs, customizable hotkeys, and a built-in file viewer to name a few capabilities. Commander One also has the ability to archive your files, compress your files, advanced search  including searching inside words, and much more.

I was impressed with the aptness of the app. I’ve a sizable collection of media, particularly music. Most of my music was either purchased from the iTunes Store or ripped from CDs and decompressed. All of these files you would rightfully play on iTunes.

However, I have a select bunch of audiophile recordings that are best played on my audiophile app. Commander One, when I clicked on Quick Look, offered me if I would prefer to play the files on a particular app. Most times it correctly offered to play the audiophile recordings on my audiophile app instead of iTunes. But then again, sometimes not.

Don’t know why the inconsistency. I haven’t located any setting in preferences but I’ll continue digging.

Personally, I’m not a power user. But in the short time I used Commander One so that I could write this review, I was impressed at how notably faster I was able to navigate about my computer. Very impressive.

Pricing for a single user basic version is free. A personal license (for 1 Mac) is $29.99, for a team (5 Macs) $99.99, and $149.99 for a company license (50 Macs). 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★1/2