Be more assertive with this tech trick

When I saw the headline, "Be More Assertive With This Tech Trick" in the Zapier newsletter, I had to click. I was surprised to discover the tech trick was using snippets.

Her solution was to set up the Mac productivity app Alfred to automatically delete or rewrite non-assertive words and phrases when she types them to make her word choices more assertive. It not only made everything she wrote more direct, but also helped her spot where she could write with more authority and confidence. She calls the final product "assertiveness snippets.”


I’m a huge fan of snippets and a happy user of Alfred (as well as TextExpander), so I was happy to learn of a unique way to use snippets. By the way—I have no problem whatsoever with being assertive. In fact, I'm often told I'm too assertive. So I'm making snippets to help curb my enthusiasm. Examples:

Stick it up your (insert body part) turns into: I sincerely hope you have an awesome day.

Ask me if I care turns into: That really matters to me because...

You suck turns into: You may not be my favorite person right now but…

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